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True North Home Inspection has developed a Pre-Winter Marketing Program™ to help you do just that!

As you know, home sales and prices fluctuate during the winter season in Northern Minnesota. The weather creates unique challenges to showing and inspecting properties for buyers, which would normally give them confidence to proceed with a purchase.

Snow and ice limit the visibility of the exterior features of a home. In addition, many home systems are winterized/shut down for the entire winter season, which makes re-energizing systems not a viable option for potential buyers.

A Pre-Winter Home Inspection by True North Home Inspection, dove-tailed with the winterization process when applicable, is a nominal investment to give you an effective marketing tool despite the challenges of the season.

This comprehensive inspection report, typically generated for a Buyer, benefits you, the Seller by:

1) Increasing your ability to expand your potential buyer pool in the winter

2) Instilling good faith that your property is fit and sound, even though it’s shut down for the winter months by providing all potential buyers this comprehensive report, generated just prior to winterization

3) Highlighting seasonal related elements through photos and documentation of the property that cannot be seen due to snow and ice

-  Roof coverings                        -   Grading and drainage

-  Decking                                    -   Hardscape

4) Confirming condition of inactive systems prior to winterization/shut down

-  Plumbing                                 -   Electrical


5) Obtaining the same information the buyer would be informed of, to remedy any potential issues

6) Potentially expediting the sign off of the home inspection contingency

Don't let winter postpone the sale of your home!

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